Security settings on Internet Explorer

Security Alert popups and Client Authentication



01.    The Security alert will be displayed before entering or exiting any page on this site.This is only a warning and if you donít want to get displayed in future, tick the In the future, do not show this warning and press OK.


The Web site you were viewing was a secure site. A secure Web site provides secure communication and has a valid certificate. Secure communication means that information that you provide, such as your name or credit-card number, is encrypted so that it canít be read or intercepted by other people. The certificate is a statement verifying the security of the site. A certificate contains information that a specific Web site is authentic. This ensures that no other site can assume the identity of the original site.


However, the Web site you are going to does not use a security protocol, so information you send and receive will not be protected. And since the site does not have a certificate, you cannot be sure that the site is who it says it is.






02.    Another securing alert will be displayed which showsyou are entering into secured and encrypted site where you data is secured and not viewed by anyone else in the internet.



You have to press OK button.



After that you will be viewed by the client certificate which encrypts your data.



This is client authentication where server authenticates you to work on this web site.Press OK to proceed.